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4 maravillosas alumnas de 1º BCH ( 3 del A y una del C).



ACTIVIDADES GRECIA: nos conocemos, compartimos



ISTANBUL TURKEY – 10-16 November 2019

 10.11.2019 Sunday

-Partners arrival

11.11.2019 Monday

-          The meeting started with the welcome speech of the headmaster.
-          Then a short information about school was given to accomplished the tasks during the week.
-          Later, the activities started with an ice-breaker to help students know each other.
-          Next, the participant students designed logos that will be the logo of the project for the next two years’ time. All teams will design their logos and these logos will be voted online and it winning logo will be declared in December.
-          After lunch break, the Traditional Turkish Costume and Dance Show (prepared by Turkish students) was performed.
-          Other countries also introduced their traditional costumes and cultural items.

12.11.2019 Tuesday

-          All the teams met at school to be taken to the historical places and museums.
-          Guided tour was made to Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque, Archeology Museum.
-          After the tour students had a free time while teachers met at a dinner.

13.11.2019 Wednesday

-          All the teams met at school to accomplish the tasks.
-          For the first activity, as a workshop; the students used the stories that they heard from participants to link the idea of appreciating differences to job satisfaction and building a respectful environment.
-          Then, for the next workshop; students were given some scenarios of when they encounter each other and possible situation where they could have a problem or potential embarrassing circumstance. They role-played positive ways of responding to others who may be different.
-          Later on, they talked about gestures and mimics and demonstrated the gestures and mimics from their own cultures.
-          After lunch, the students watched a movie that addresses Jewish, Latin, Asian, and Black families in the same neighborhood dealing with similar issues around the common EU. Then they talked about the messages given in the movie.
-          While the students were watching the movie, the teachers had a meeting to decide two years’ responsibilities and agenda.
The notes from the meeting;

1.       Belgium is responsible for managing E-twinning page, however all teams are responsible to add students to the page and upload their materials.
2.       Each country will upload their logos (5 for each country) on Google Drive till the first week of December. The logos will be voted online and it is important that the countries cannot vote for their own logos. Spanish school will declare the winning logo on the third week of December.
3.       The meeting dates will be as below:
a.       16th-22th February 2020 Greece Vassilika
b.      20th -26th September 2020 Denmark Hvidbjerg
c.       8th -14th November 2020 Spain Valmojado/Toledo
d.      24th -30th January 2021 Belgium Ath
e.      11th -17th April Italy Locorotondo/Bari

4.       Do to list for Greece meeting was also discussed and it was shared by Spanish school.

14.11.2019 Thursday

-          All the teams met at school to accomplish the tasks.
-          First, for the workshop activity, students had a discussion with someone from another culture about their cultural values related to various cultural variables like time, gestures, appearance, and how they view the elderly.
-          For the next workshop; Students thought about a time when they have been frustrated, misread, or misunderstood something because of their own personal expectations around time.
-          Certificates of attendance were given to the participants.
-          After lunch; all participants went to sports hall to watch Whirling Dance and Military band.
-          After that all the participants joined the farewell party at school.

15.11.2019 Friday

-          The teams met at school to join the tours.
-          Guided tour made to Grand bazaar and Topkapı palace.
-          After the guided tour the participants joined the boat tour.

16.11.2019 Saturday

-          Departures